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aud1 a1 1.6 tdi (HELP! HELP! PLZ )

tony eldo Sep 17, 2018

  1. tony eldo

    tony eldo New Member

    hi everybody I'm new to the forum and need your expert advice please
    my wife has a 1.6.tdi A1
    it has developed a really annoying problem! the temperature gauge is flocculating,sounds an alarm and the screen gives a message saying coolant temperature allow engine to run whilst stationary!This symptom even occurs when the engine is cold. the gauge will drop off to 50 degrees for a while then shoot right to the other end of the scale
    I have replaced the coolant temperature sensor but car still remains the same it also does not record any fault codes
    it does kind of go into limp mode while the alarm is sounding.
    any advice from you expert people would be greatfully appreciated
    best regards Tony & Nicky

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