Ashtray Removal - Storage Tray - Anyone ???


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Does anybody know where I can source one of these Ashtray replacement trays from in the UK..

Part Number....8P0863301A4P

I can source them on a couple of US websites but want somewhere closer to home. Struggling to get my hands on one..


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Cheers, guys...
Yeah I think I will go back to my local Audi dealer. I already spoke with them after they got me other parts within three days for my RNS-E installation but they could only get this part on backorder. (up to 2 weeks)
I was just wondering if there were any other good sites to get oem parts from online and maybe quicker. I'm too eager to finish off my install..


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Better just getting it from dealer, or TPS will be cheaper if you know someone with account


Have you tried any Quality Breakers yards??


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Yeah will call my dealer again and get it on order. It will be a handy slot for IPod instead of the ashtray..
Looking forward to fittng my RNS-E this weekend. I have just plugged it in to my car briefly whilst holding in my hand!!!
I love it, good sound quality...
Now from the single to double din conversion. Will be fun??


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Got all the tools ready and my guide he he!!! Only thing i'm a bit anxious about is taking the single-din cage out and swapping in the double din one but I have what seems a really good guide to follow. I keep reading that people said the cage is hard to get out.. Will be starting on it tomorrow..