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ASB Upgrade to CDY

audifox Dec 14, 2019

  1. audifox

    audifox Registered User

    Hey, I just finished the motor swap on my A6. Due to a defective head gasket, I had to broken pistons, I think I have driven to long with ist. So i build in a CDY engine. It’s the engine which is build in the facelift.
    There are some things to manage, but the engine itself is plug and play. You need a feed pressure pump and have to build new fuel lines. The ASB has a fuel cooler which i had to get rid of. The cooling system changed a bit so there were some parts buyed new from Audi directly. The wiring was easy. I was really impressed how easy. I just had to use the CDY harness. You just need one cable from the harness to the new feed pressure pump and and one from the pump to (-). Also I needed a new ecu. The old is EDC16 and the new is EDC17. Adapted it to the immo and all was ok.
    I had no dtc at all. I deactivated the dpf sensors and dtcs and after the first start I had no dtcs. Was really good, I thought there would be more work to do on the map.

    Gearbox was also no problem, plug and play and still same protocol of the can bus system. It just has one problem, that some times at high loads, something is slipping after a gear change. I think it‘s mechanical, that the pressure to the clutch E can‘t build fast enough, there is a bearing that sometimes wears out. I think I will take out the gearbox next time and change all clutches and bearings plus the torque converter.
    The problem occurs with stock map and tuning. Of course with tuning it’s more a problem. Maybe anyone had the same problem and know what it is? :)





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  3. SemedoB6

    SemedoB6 Black and white a4

    That's very nice work fella.. You should pat yourself on the back..

    I have a question for you.
    On the ASB the Y intake pipe is plastic and on the CDY is cast iron or aluminium.
    Could you tell me if they bolt exactly the same way?
    Because I want my ASB to have that intake pipe but unsure if it'll fit.
    Thanks in advance.

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  4. Misikee

    Misikee Registered User


    The aluminum Y is bolt on when You change the inlet manifolds too.

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