Armrest Phone prep - retrofit


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I bought a centre console that had the OEM audi armrest fitted to it from the scrappy, in my haste I didn't open the rest up and today when I did it has phone prep inside. Its a flat plastic thing on the base of the rest with harness coming out the bottom of the rest, when I retro fit the console and arm what would i need to do to utilise this( my cars non Blutooth) with a single din concert, the donor car is a 57 plate with double din concert. I was thinking of taking the whole double din from the donor and retro to my car(06plate) I am currenty extracting the harness and steering module as it has MFSW theres no cruise fitted to the donor.
What would be a reasonble price to pay for the double din,cage, heater matrix - another question on the heater matrix I have heated seats the donor doesn't can this be done. so many questions lol.


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Il start with the most complicated of the lot.... Put up pics of the 2 heater matrix.