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Nov 6, 2010
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South West London

I have a wireless carplay box connected to the factory armrest USB and have noticed that when I switch the car off, the box stays on.

Does anyone know if the USB power is always on or does it disable after x amount of time?

If it stays on, is there a way of disabling the constant power?

Thanks in advance.
Not noticed it powering down. A while ago I did’t use the car for a week and got a low battery warning. If I’m not going to use the car for more than a few days, I just unplug it.
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The MMI stays on after switching off for a few minutes like most things. Nothing really switches off properly till around 5-10minutes after you lock the car.
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I tested this on mine after I noticed the same thing (the USB cable I was using has a little LED in the end and I noticed it was still lit). I turned the car off, stayed sat in it and locked the car with my phone still plugged in and charging. After a couple minutes it stopped charging and the LED on the USB cable went out.
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