Are you posh?


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there are some beauties on there!
no i most definitely am not posh! quite common in fact!
although i do enjoy the great outdoors and wellies out of that list! :think:

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Just two for me, Upturned collars and the great outdoors..
guess I'm not very posh at all, being a Jock that really doesn't surprise me.
Viva la Jock !!!


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2 / 27 - just scum really :whistle2:


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Surely the number of people who said yes to 6 is quite short? Oh well, only 2/27 so I guess I should be stabbing people in parks and having kids when I'm 12 (or whatever the opposite of posh is nowadays).


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Most definitely not me. That lot in those pictures look like a bunch of whores and comic singers.

@rseholes with money (probably inherited) and no doubt as shallow as a tinker's bath.
Every picture (apart from the great outdoors) made me angry... definitely not posh!


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Velvet Porsche! That would go down a storm with the dub scene.

1/27 - Outdoors