Q5 Are the Positive & Negative terminals (engine bay) unboltable?


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Hi all,

I have a 24/7 dashcam installed usually and will be installing the Thinkware U1000 in the SQ5 shortly however as a result of it being on always (parking mode when parked, the battery does get depleted a fair bit.

In the A7, I had a Ctek cable hooked to the positive and negative terminals under the bonnet/hood and routed the connected to the corner of the wiper area. Every so often, I would hook into this via the Ctek charger.

The SQ5 has a much much larger negative point that the eyelet hook does not slide onto. And the positive having a quick glance has a red clamp on it.

Are these both something I can unbolt and put the eyelets into first or is this a no no?

Thanks in advance