Are S3 and 1.8 performance parts the same?


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Looking around online for intakes, exhausts diffusers etc but some websites will say 1.8/2.0 and others will state only suitable for 2.0. I heard the polo gti has a smaller intake hose than the 1.8 a3 yet they have the same engine. Would a cat back designed for a s3 fit a FWD 1.8 or would the Quattro route not allow this? I'm just looking for basic mods as stated above for my 3 door. Any help appreciated on what fits and what doesn't fit! Thanks


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S3 diffuser is fitted to an S Line bumper, if you have an S Line the bumper would fit.

I’d say you have a 99% chance of engine components NOT fitting the 1.8 coming from a 2.0.