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Are MOT's Really Worth The Paper They Are Written On?

Bristle Hound Apr 5, 2019

  1. Bristle Hound

    Bristle Hound Moderator Staff Member Moderator X3 M-Sport Alpine White

    I am having serious doubts about the validity of MOT's TBH

    I have for the last couple of weeks been looking for a tow car for a so to be acquired caravan

    Initially I was looking at LR Disco's & Range Rovers which rapidly stopped after using the MOT checker to check the MOT history of various cars

    I was speaking to my son yesterday about this & he was a little unsure

    So I fired up Gumtree and at random pulled out a 2004 Landrover Discovery to show him what I meant
    Its this one

    So I did the MOT checker history thing & wow :
    Not only is the history of this unbelievable but how on earth did it pass a MOT with all those advisories

    Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):

    Oil leak ()
    Passenger seat(s) missing at time of test ()
    Nearside Upper Brake pipe slightly corroded front to rear (3.6.B.2c)
    Nearside Lower Brake pipe slightly corroded front to rear (3.6.B.2c)
    Nearside Front Shock absorber has a slightly worn bush (2.7.4)
    nsf inner wing corroded and holed
    vehicle chassis patch repaired in multiple areas, the areas have been covered and painted over
    areas behind rear air springs slightly corroded
    Offside Front chassis to body outrigger corroded
    under side of vehicle slightly corroded in many areas, filler materiel applied and over painted, firm to finger pressure.
    Front both inner wheel arches slightly corroded, plastic liners fitted.

    How on earth can it pass an MOT with the 2 points I have highlighted and under lined let alone all the other stuff

    Bearing in mind I have seen MOT fails on a single number plate light bulb being out

    Best (or worst which ever way you look at it) is the current owners quote in the selling blurb -
    'only 2 months mot can sort that if it's a problem as cant see it being a issue passing'

    So back to my original question. Are MOT's really worth it when quite obvious death traps like the above Disco's are getting MOT's?
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  3. Bristle Hound

    Bristle Hound Moderator Staff Member Moderator X3 M-Sport Alpine White

    PS The above Disco failed that MOT before it passed with those advisories
    This is what it failed on -

    Reason(s) for failure
    • Nearside Front Suspension spring mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded chassis (2.4.A.3)
    • Nearside Front Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded chassis , multiple areas (2.4.A.3)
    • Offside Front Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded chassis, multiple areas (2.4.A.3)
    • Offside Front Brake pipe excessively corroded (3.6.B.2c)
    • Nearside Rear Vehicle structure inadequately repaired seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of towbar mounting chassis filled with filler materiel (6.6.6)
    • Nearside Registration plate lamp not working (1.1.C.1d)
    • Offside Front Lower Front suspension ball joint dust cover excessively damaged so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.4.G.2)

  4. Scotty75

    Scotty75 Well-Known Member Sportback Team Brilliant Black Silver Supporter S-line owners group Audi A3 Manual

    It's sad to say but the MOT system is open to abuse. Particularly if you have that friend in the trade . There was a guy local to me that was still issuing certificates after being removed from the authorised test centre list for months . Numerous people with invalid MOT's.

    Like you have been , people need to be vigilant and do their homework I'm afraid.

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  5. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User It's my birthday

    I kind of get the theory of how our car's should be road worthy but as said generally MOT's don't prove anything especially if your in the know with testers, thing that bugs me most is sellers buying car's without an MOT and putting them through a dodgy one saying "just passed with no advisories" or "will MOT at point of sale" like it's a selling point to know you have a dangerous car which can legally be driven for a year.
  6. Orange225

    Orange225 Well-Known Member Team Brilliant Black quattro Audi A3

    Absolutely pointless as they’re so easy to fake if you’re in the trade or have a mate, my current car had immaculate mot and had just been done when I bought it, a month later I just happened to be cleaning up the brakes, noticed the front pads had literally 1mm of pad left, suffice to say, I was under the car a few hours checking everything thoroughly
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  7. joinerman

    joinerman Well-Known Member

    It's only worth it's value on the day it passes, next day all manner of things could be wrong, and why is the spare wheel/tyre not part of the test ?
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