Are 8v audi s3's still getting stolen?


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Just caught someone casing out my house, heard them pull up to front of house, cus I had my window open. Go to front of house, look out window behind blinds, black b7 audi a4 estate tdi parked diagonally across pavement with its right headlight shining into my drive, what looked like phone out of driver window, presumably taking pictures? I opened the blinds then I presume they saw me as they backed up, turned and shot off up the road. Unless they were taking pics of my house randomly I can't think why else???

Been reading and as of last year tons of them were getting nicked up here. Bit worried now so???? what do i do leave the key on the kitchen table or something?

Do police even come out for burglaries anymore?

If this happens to me I'm not going to bother buying another car.


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They seem to be getting nicked still along with the MK7 Golf R. I’m hoping the new R will take the heat off.

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