Are 80mm tail pipe tips good or small?


2019 A3 35TFSI S line
Is there anyone who has 80mm tail pipe tips on a 8V on this forum? Could you share pictures?

I was looking for a way to upgrade my 2019 SB S-line to a S3 look for awhile. I bought a S3 diffuser long ago, but an affordable exhaust with 4 pipes was hard to find. Finally, I located inexpensive one on ebay, but it has 4 x 80mm round tailpipe tips. They have a picture of a PFL sportback with those tips, but I doubt a little because I was thinking of 90mm black tips before. Perhaps looking at more 8Vs with 80mm tips would help me making a decision. Is 80mm enough for a round tip diameter, given that the oem ovals are 95x65 mm? Can anyone help me out?