ARB bush help


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Long story short ARB bushes needed replacing. so i measured the roll bar using a vernier. and found it to be 20mm.

So ordered 20mm powerflex bushes.

they fit over the bar but then when i slide the collar over and try to bolt it down. the gap between body and collar is so big, i cant align the bolt/thread.

Any help on this?


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Are you doing one at a time? The only way I have found sucessfully to do them is to both sides at the same time. So undo both sides on the suspension, then undo both bolts holding the ARB. I have also found that using a G clamp to hold and compress the collar helps. They only do a 19mm or 20mm bush and both have the same outside diameter it's just the inside one that varies, so if it fits around the ARB then you have the right one. They need to be a tight fit, and are a pain to fit. It's technique and sore knuckles to fit them!


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I've found, the easiest way to refit an ARB with new bushes is to use longer bolts to initially compress the bushes and get them started.

Clamp both sides up using longer bolts first, then once it's been on and compressed for 10 minutes, whip the longer bolts out and refit the standard ones, and all should be sweet :)

I did think the standard S3 bar was 19mm though, not 20?


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thanks for the info. am going to try the method of undoing both sides then trying it. i assume its 20mm as i measured it, is there a way of telling apart from this. mine has a dash of blue paint on it...maybe the other size has a different colour. just a thought.

yeah its a standard ARB...i think. ive never replaced it and no history of it in the book.

having another go at it now.