ARB and ARB link arm fitting help needed


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can anyoneone give any advice/hints/tips for fitting new link arms and ARB bushes on my a3 1.8t
im going to get them tomorrow and give it a go.

starting with the ARB bushes,how easy are they to do and anyone know what tools i will need.
when fitting the new bushes,can i use the old brackets or should i use new?
is it easy enough to get the bolts back in?

next the link arms.what tools do i need and what is the procedure? are they easy enough to do.



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did the link arms and arb bushes today.
they have really tightened things up on the front end

a couple of sockets 13mm for the bushes,a bottle jack and pair of grips for holding the arb bush clamp while bolting the brackets back on is about all you need