Aquamist Group buy - polling for interest


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Fiat Coupe owners club are doing a group purchase again.

Last time the 1s unit was £249incl VAT !!!!!

...provisional prices thus far for the kit are:

Part No Description
806 002 System 1s complete kit - £290
806 005 System 2s complete kit - £495
806 008 System 2c complete kit - £360 (Unichip interface)
806 009 System 2d complete kit - £400 (Unichip interface)
806 281 Water Level Sensor - £16
806 425 Dash Display System 2 - £90

...more buyers, the cheaper they get.

With limited intercooler options for the A/S3 and summer approaching this looks like a good deal to me.

Post here if you're interested please...



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aquamist is the market leader in wi i wouldn't trust another company.
Forgot to mention that the price quoted above is plus vat and delivery.


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I couldn't wait so i've bought a 1s with much cheapness,under £300 including delivery and vat.


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It provides in-cylinder cooling as a preventive measure against detonation and pre-ignition.Therefore you could run more timing and boost and therefore power.I know people who run it to avoid knock with 95 octane fuel aswell.It's basically a safety device that if you had a custom map would yield better power figures and if your using a methanol:water mix will give a boost to mid-range.