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APR stage 2 dragy times

pez81 Jun 11, 2018

  1. pez81

    pez81 Well-Known Member

    First attempt with dragy on stage 2 very happy with the results. This is just mash and go no LC used as it breaks traction. Thinking about getting the TCU tune to lower the launch revs.

    60ft 1.74s
    1/4 mile: 11.4 @ 119.7

    Pretty sure with racefuel and a better launch I can get 11.0-.11.2 secs at 122-124mph

    This is way quicker than I ever managed with my Revo stage 1.

    Best time I managed was 11.8 @ 11.4mph with an almost identical 60ft.

    Interestingly my Revo tune didn't bog down as much on launch as it had a lot less torque so it could use LC much better. After that though it's much quicker. Trapping 95-96mph in the 1/8[​IMG]

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  3. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Well-Known Member

    I need to get my racelogic box out to get some times for mine now it's been to MRC. Be intersting to see the difference
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  4. pez81

    pez81 Well-Known Member

    Probably won't be much in it. Only so much you can do to these cars without bigger turbos

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