Apr/revo stage 2 dyno runs


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I can't find a great amount on peron fmic, more so their ford stuff. Just not for the s3.

Whilst I want to go stage 2 and do it right, I can't justify the cost of the Apr cooler, although that depends on other prices such as peron.

I personally will avoid forge. They've built a reputation on being shiny from what I can tell over the years.

Quite a few people over in the 8P section use the Peron I/c,and seem happy with the results and the quality of the product.

I have a ProAlloy I/c on my car,which I think is not available for your model.

I've only bought a few things from Forge,but the quality of their alloy welds etc is very good,but they aren't cheap,along with APR,who are frankly overpriced by comparison.