APR Presents: 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Pulley Upgrade


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APR 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Pulley Upgrade

APR is pleased to present the world's first Supercharger Pulley and corresponding ECU Upgrade for
the 3.0 TFSI. Without recalibrating the ECU found in Audi’s latest line of supercharged direct
injected vehicles, pulley upgrades offer no advantage, as the supercharger will simply bypass
boost pressure. With APR’s ability to expertly recalibrate the 3.0 TFSI Engine Control Unit,
we are able to develop new hardware and calibrate the ECU to work properly as if intended
by the factory.

Many enthusiasts coming from Audi’s history of turbocharged vehicles expected massive increases
in torque, at lower RPMs, simply by adding an ECU Upgrade. Unlike turbochargers, roots style
superchargers are positive displacement meaning they provide a fixed amount of air flow based
on engine speed. On the 3.0TFSI Audi chose to use a bypass valve that bleeds off boost pressure
when requested. Keeping the valve almost completely shut at lower RPMS allows them to make
respectable torque, and, opening the valve at higher RPMs allows them to keep horsepower within
their marketing goal. Consequently, the APR Stage I ECU upgrade provides a relatively low
increase in torque but an exceptional increase in power. For those demanding more torque,
The APR Supercharger Pulley Upgrade is the answer. Spinning the supercharger faster increases
air flow and effectively doubles the low-end gains of Stage I. The gain in torque is felt
immediately, but the results are present from beginning to end adding up to 80ft-lbs and 108
horsepower at all four wheels!


APR has chosen not to cut any corners and as such each APR Supercharger Pulley Upgrade Kit
includes a new supercharger belt. Furthermore, all existing APR Stage I ECU Upgrade customers
are entitled to a free APR Stage II+ ECU Upgrade required for proper functionality. Finally,
every APR Pulley is E-Coated black for an OEM appearance.

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Increased Supercharger Speed


The 3.0 TFSI uses an Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Roots-type Supercharger unit, which features
a four-lobe rotor design to safely run at high operating speeds. APR's no stranger to the Eaton
TVS1320 Supercharger Unit having spent several years developing a Stage III Supercharger System for
the High Revving Audi RS4 and S5 4.2L FSI V8. Through the years, APR's Engineering Teams placed even
greater speed demands on the TVS1320 than offered to the public with a flawless track record.

A balance of power and reliability is always a concern when going beyond what Audi delivers from the
factory and APR's Engineering Teams use accelerated life testing both in house and through professional
motorsport racing to ensure years of Performance Without Compromise.

Increased Boost Pressure


Unlike turbochargers, superchargers boost pressure is nearly fixed in relation to engine speed. The
factory supercharger unit features an electronically controlled bypass valve which bleeds off boost
pressure when mass airflow and load levels increase past the power requirements set from the factory.
The APR ECU upgrade prevents boost from bleeding back into the intake system, resulting in higher boost
levels. However, boost pressure is still limited by the size and the speed of the supercharger.

The APR Supercharger Pulley Upgrade increases the RPM of the supercharger resulting in an increase of
boost pressure all the way to redline. This results in torque you can feel off idle all the way to redline.

Power Figures


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93 Octane
Gain over Stock
Stage 2+ vs Fully Bolted on Stage 1
Gain over Fully Bolted on Stage 1

100 Octane
Stage 2+ vs Stock
Gain over Stock

Installation Kit


The factory pulley is pressed on to the supercharger's input shaft. It's not possible to remove the factory
pulley without damage, or damaging the supercharger itself unless special care and attention is taken.

The APR Supercharger Pulley Installation Kit is designed to encapsulate the entire pulley and pull
evenly across its entire surface. The unit is compact enough to not require complete removal of the
front end of your vehicle, reducing labor time. Furthermore a provision was made to incorporate a 1/2
inch drive breaker bar which allows the entire assembly to be easily counter-held and ultimately makes
the process a one man job.

A complete install manual covers the install process from start to finish, making installation easily
completed at any APR dealer or in your own garage.


APR Stage 2+ Software is REQUIRED to take advantage of this modification.
Pulley upgrades do not work on stock or stage 1 software.

APR Stage 2+ Software Upgrade is included as a Free upgrade for existing APR Stage 1 Customers.
If you do not have APR Software already, you'll need to purchase it when sending in your ECU for this upgrade.

Stage 2+ Requirements

Nothing else is required! You may run your stock exhaust and stock intake, however maximum
gains will be achieved with an APR RSC Exhaust System and APR Carbonio Stage 2 Intake System.

Application Guide

B8 S4 & S5 - 3.0 TFSI - 6MT & DSG - Available Now
C6 A6 - 3.0 TFSI - Tiptronic - Coming Soon


Special introductory pricing available from Monday June 20th to Sunday, July 31st for all US customers.

$494.10 - SA000189 - APR Supercharger Pulley Kit
$199.00 - SA000190 - APR Supercharger Pulley Install Kit

Find an APR Dealer Here: APR - High Performance Development for Audi, VW and Porsche Vehicles. or give us a call at +1 (334) 502-5181.

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