Facelift APR inlet an throttle pipe install!


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Yes I have installed it.
It took me about three weeks from start to finish including the wait time. I needed to order some new tools and some parts. I could not save the small stock hose connected to the turbo outlet.
Also the washer on the inlet looks like a one time use washer so I had to ordere it as well.
I read on some forum that some notice that the elbow comes loosen after some driving so I wonder if this is coz they used the old washer.
After installation I let it sit for a day before I torqued it down again.
This was also my first time putting the car on jack stands so that took me a whole day. Also I let it sit on the stands for two days to see that it did not fall down. It was scary as hell to crawl under the car but after working some days it got pretty comfy under there :)

I also had to remove the heat shield on the elbow to make it fit. I replaced this alu shield with some exhaust heat shield that I could cut with a scissor.

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