Approved Used PCP


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Morning All,

Back on the forum after a few years away.

I'm looking at a used Approved Audi through Sytner with an £500 contribution plus 2 free services.

Is it still the case of you can take the PCP deal out and then pay it off within 14 days and keep the £500 contribution and 2x free services.

I've done it in the past but not for a few years.

Has anyone done this recently?



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Certainly was the case in late 2019 when I bought my current A4. Would assume it is now, you have the legal right with any financial arrangement to back out within 14 days, so maybe only a small amount of interest to pay, but the free services belong with the vehicle, so you don't lose them if you keep the vehicle. I've done it twice before with VWFS with no issues.


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When we bought the OH’s Golf in 2019 the sales guy was quite happy to discuss the options and indeed suggested this - I don’t think the individual sales person is worried if you take advantage so I’d prob just ask outright.