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Morning All,

Back on the forum after a few years away.

I'm looking at a used Approved Audi through Sytner with an £500 contribution plus 2 free services.

Is it still the case of you can take the PCP deal out and then pay it off within 14 days and keep the £500 contribution and 2x free services.

I've done it in the past but not for a few years.

Has anyone done this recently?



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You get 14 days to cancel PCP or finance without affecting the goods purchased under the agreement.


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Surely it’s more expensive paying it off just after purchase than buying it outright in the first place if you have the funds.

you’ll still get the 2 free services as they’re part of the approved used offer.


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I fell for that once.

Cost me a grand

Never again. Service it elsewhere

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