Apple - CarPlay strange issue with Deezer...


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Anybody use Deezer with Apple Carplay? This has been working fine for months. However, when I now manually select a song from an album/playlist, it doesn't play and just plays the first song of the album/playlist instead. My iOS and Deezer versions are up to date, and have also deleted and re-installed the Deezer app on my phone, as well as delete the Audi MMI carplay device from the iPhone and re-add. Still getting the same behaviour. It happens with both streamed content from Deezer, as well as Deezer content that I have downloaded to the phone.

Any help appreciated. Cheers


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It seems that carplay only likes native apps. I have an issue with spotify where I have to play something on my Podcasts before I can play anything on my spotify!


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I doesn't even like the native ones - I got regular issue with Podcasts just stopping randomly for no reason. Switched to Overcast and that works faultlessly. It's the only thing I use Carplay for though.