AP coilovers fitted


It's all about the V8.
heres a couple of pics of my car after having a set of AP coilovers.




Pretty happy with the outcome, the rears are as low as they will go (has a full tank of juice) and the front has been lifted until it doesn't catch. Should settle a little after the springs have bedded in.


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that looks the dogs dangley bits m8


It's all about the V8.
Andi - very happy with the ride quality, it's firm but not harsh. Hit a couple of potholes and it just gives a solid thud rather than a spine compressing, dash cracking crash.
Hoping the rear settles a little lower as the rear adjusters are as low as they will go.
Fitted a couple of 5mm spacers on the front today just to fill the arches a little.


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shame your in north wales, i despretly need a c spanner, but the ap coilovers have a hole in 4 places rather then the typical style ring.

yer mine rides nice, and it is a bit bumpy but on the main roads its ok, ive hit a pot hole at low speed, 15mph and it does thud. its more bouncy they bumpy like a gokart feel.

dunno how new mine are but they still feel like new mines set about same as yours