anything i should know before buying this A4


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Oct 22, 2004
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im looking at getting this 98 a4 with every option avaliable for around $10k. the car has about 92000 miles on it... are there any tune ups or anything that should be done on this car around this mileage.(example, new timing belt, water pump ect...) if so just let me know what i need to know before shelling out the cash for this sweet ride.

timing belt a must at 80K km... But check with any Audi Dealer... they'll give you a full report and a full inspection (I suggest you do that before purchasing the car)

Definetly get the control arms checked, you have a B5 on your hands here, they have notorious problems with control arms aka all suspension.

There is a check that i had done on mine before i bought it called a "pre-purchase service check", it runs around 130$ US but if you talk to a mechanic himself he may just charge you 85 which is the going rate per hour in US.

I also think your price is a little too high to be paying on a car that has almost a 100k onit...I bought a black A4 1997 with 124k for 4000 2.8Q at I dont know what all yours has but definetly take a look on in the auto section and get the info on that year and it will show all the bad things about it, the consumer complaints, the recalls, anything and everything needed to know before buying a car. check it out...