Anyone with VAGCOM near Crewe (Cheshire)?


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Hi guys,

I am wanting to check my boost pressure to see if my car is actually mapped or not as i do no have any receipt when i bought the car and if not i have been missing out for nearly two years now :(

PM me or reply on here.



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The map works for me! Crappy webbrowser at your end perhaps?

I'm in blackpool, bit of a drive but happy to help out if you cant find anyone closer.


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Cheers aragorn - I may be in touch!

Firefox doesnt even show the link/pic but IE show me the the link but no picture so i have just copied and pasted the HTML direct to google maps and then hey presto it's all working.


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ive got vagcom in stoke mate.can sort somethin out over the next week if ya me cheers


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Cheers for all the offers guys! Im going round Scott's in Middlewhich (closest to me). My car has started running like a 3 legged dog with hardly any boost...Let's hope We can nail down the problem.