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Jul 27, 2004
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For the past few months the itch of a Lotus Elise has been getting stronger.

Have any of you guys owned or driven one of these before? Would it be worth getting one of these in place of an S3?

Comments appreciated...
Glen, i used to work for Vauxhall specialising in the VX220...... you'll know that the same chassis is used etc..... what im saying is that the VX220 is a hard car to live with and that is an elise with cambers/casters etc set up for road use, Elise's are kitted up for track use (everytime you hit a bump you'll wrestle with the wheel)....

Really nice weekend car, you'll also need gallons of threadlock to keep tightening the screws that shake loose..... (Lotus would probably be better built id guess)

Cant really fault the fun factor mate....bit chalk and cheese comparing to S3 though:icon_thumright:
yeah they are, talking about the VX's as i never actually drove the Elise.... the 2.0 turbo was stupid power, all sorts of problems with the back end slipping in the dry when the boost hit.....would imagine the Elise would be more quality than that..... all the turbo demos that went past me were written off at some point before being sold, heart braking stuff selling a car knowing the history.

What i will say is that they are quite friendly for taller people, im 6'3 and got into a routine of getting in and out, smaller people tend to struggle

hope this helps

A few months back I was looking into VX220s, and LOADS of them were turning up with Cat D damage on eBay and AutoTrader - looks like they were tricky to drive!
typical Vauxhall *****.... get hold of a car and just add power without a care in the world for anything else.... cant think of a performance car that they have made a good job of since the old Astra GTE's...even they had their flaws
I haven't owned a 111r but my last car was an exige with the same engine, and I used to own a vx220.

I absolutley loved both cars. The exige was fantastic fun. Amazing handling, plenty fast enough, great looks and just so much fun. The cars are raw (in a good way) so that you feel connected to the road, making it easier to explore the outer limits as you know exactly what's happening at each tyre.

My exige was a weekend toy, but I used the vx every day for 2 years (in snow and everything). Totally doable as a daily driver, but it can be a pain, and does get a little uncomfortable on long journeys. However, if you love driving it these things won't really matter.

The only reason I sold mine was because I now need more seats as a baby is on the way.

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