Anyone used these guys?

I fitted one of there grills to my SE fronted cab on the weekend, great fitment and quality

theres a pic in my thread further down
Yep, Plus 1 with ctrs. Good value. Thinner than original quality and not a chromed edge ( if you are choosing that type ) but painted matt silver. Will only fit SE bumpers. Only snag for me is that the audi grill rings are not set in, you have do a Heath Robinson approach to attaching the grill logo rings to the grill itself. Don't let that put you off, compared to how much the original part costs from Audi, it is a great value mod'.

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Cheers guys,
It's always hard to distinguish the quality on a picture so your reports are a great help, plus like you say, a fraction of the cost compared to Audi.
I have one, I wouldn't fit it without it being sprayed as I don't like the finish but that's personal taste.

That looks great mate. Also noticed the cupra splitter on your se bumper, that looks really nice. I was thinking of changing the bumper to an sline but seeing that, may change my mind
Thanks, the SE bumper is boring and really warrants the splitter I wouldn't fit one to an s-line bumper I don't think it needs it. This gives you an idea of before and after.