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Hi guys just looking to go stage 3 on daza platform. Currently stage 2 plus with all required hardware for stage 3 minus throttle body inlet/injectors/turbo kit. Stuck between running a tte700 vs tte777 vs srm gtx3582r

Was wondering if anyone had feedback on running stock block stage 3 in general and if anyone was also running the cts throttle body inlet pipe. Cheers


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Who would be tuning it? do they have any recommendations

More realistically speaking it’s a stage 4 technically. Injectors for sure you’ll need and a high pressure pump. Start with fuel maps and get those dialed first so you’re not chasing your tail. Then move to boost. I’m running a stand-alone greddy ebc but there’s ways to “hack “ to allow you to use n75 or whatever is equivalent for your car. And mainly every person I’ve ever talked to says stock rods are only good for 300hp I guess 10/10 will snap but ....

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