Anyone replaced their CDC with a Bluetooth emulator/Adapter?


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So my goal was to replace my 6 disc cd changer in the trunk with a bluetooth interface that my phone can connect to to play music while my phone maintains a connection with the OEM BT module to handle voice calls. The idea is that the phone will switch between the two.

Has anyone tried this?

I tried it and it did not work... I have these 3 things installed. Maybe I need a more "expensive" or higher quality bluetooth CDC emulator? The goal is to have the head unit recognize the BT module as a CDC. My android 6.0 does see the bluetooth and connect to it. I have verified the connections and even put the BT module on a scope to verify it has a clock signal.

I was just trying to eliminate the need to pull and re-install my headunit and was trying to install this in the trunk instead of behind the rnse