anyone own a passat turbo?

HI, i was considering buying a passat, mainly to get my hands on that 20v turbo engine! Have you had any problems with your cars, or what should i be looking out for? Which model year? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/idea.gif


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my mate has got a 51plate one, dont really no much about it but it only had 14'' or 15'' steels on it as standard, he aint had no trouble with it thought think its on 65000miles


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main problems are control arms, maff sensor and the like, same s*it as the a4.


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My brother in law has one, seems very reliable and sound.


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I own a 98 1.8T have only had the car a couple of months, but no problems so far though, the car has done 70K.