Anyone mapped their 2.7 tdi A6?


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Oct 21, 2010
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Dundee, Scotland
Having remapped my previous two cars (2.0 turbo Astra and 2.0 tdi A4) I have been tempted to map my A6.

I have a 2010 A6 2.7 tdi V6 Le Mans edition. Multitronic I think.

Just wanting to hear from anyone on here that has one of these cars and remapped it?

Is it worth it?

If yours is a FWD auto, then it's multitronic and and I wouldn't DARE map it...

If it's a quattro (single plate auto) or a manual, then you should be fine to map it: you'll only get it from about 180PS to 210PS, but the main improvement is a LOT more torque at the lower rev ranges, so the car will feel a lot more than the 15-20% overall increase in peak power.

Bear in mind that the multitronic boxes are pretty fickle and more likely to fail on high-torque cars, even after they were re-designed in 2007 (prior to this, even 1.9TDI's were chewing them up!)... and the main benefit of a remap is it releases the low end torque that the manufacturer doesn't give you access to, in case the car is driven really unsympathetically/thoughtlessly and damages the clutch.
Hmm that's not the reply I was hoping for lol. I mentioned it to the remap company (really respected company in Northern Ireland) and they said it would be fine.

Don't know what to do now :(
Sorry, just my 2c worth, hopefully my comments will goad somebody into stepping in with some personal experience to the contrary.

It's not impossible: The engine will love it, as I said, peak bhp unlikely to increase by that much, but the mid and low end torque will be amazing....

But the multitronic gearbox won't love it... at the time, that was the highest spec engine they offered that gearbox on and I know the 2.5TDI fwd was plagued with problems (full Audi recall) and the 3.0TDI (new A6's) has had its fair share of issues too, despite that being de-tuned to 204PS - my neighbour had three new gearboxes before they replaced the car entirely and that's on the standard map... a 2.7TDI would remap to higher than the 204PS 3.0TDI, especially on the low end torque that breaks clutches/gearboxes.
Does this matter above if your car is fwd 2.7 tdi manual gearbox , mine,s a 2007 s line
Put it this way:

If I had an auto, I'd avoid a remap like the plague and still pray. It's a great gearbox, but not hardy and already at/beyond what Audi designed it for in terms of low-down torque,

If I had the manual, I'd be aiming for a 220bhp remap and the low end torque will be more impressive than the peak bhp numbers.... and then drive it sympathetically on the clutch: if you try to drive smoothly, you ease the clutch in and out gently and cause the clutch to slip, which is fine when drive slowly, but causes excess wear if you're driving fast and the engine has been remapped to release the low end torque. By all means, give it the beans once the clutch is all the way out though!!
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Cheers mate , the car is going in next week to a place called JFK automotive , there just round the corner from me . Today I'm having the tips re done as I didn't like the droopy tail pipes , gone for rs6 style but not over top big , will have to start loading some pics up , I've mainly come from a ford background , and still belong to the mondeo st owner club , my old beast won best on stand at ford fair last year , so aim to keep the trend going lol , here is a couple pics of the old mondeo


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Sounds good Nik - at least the A6's have the rear valence cut-outs already, unlike my old A4....

I have a 2006 2.7 TDI Avant multi, car had 85k miles when I bought it but had the all important gearbox oil changes at 40k and 80k. I had the car remapped at 94k miles by Shark performance Shark Performance | Tuning Redefined and it transformed the car totally (now on 101 k with no problems). They said they had done no end of these in the A4 and A6, saying that they hadn't had a problem to date after many years.

It is common knowledge that the multi box will not take the maximum torque level that the engine is capable of outputting, so they just hold it back a little to protect the gearbox. I think there is a lot of negative comments about these gearbox's from a few horror stories out there, I have heard equal horror stories of quattro systems going wrong when abused / not looked after correctly. Think how many Audi's out there have Multi gearbox's running without problems, only a small amount of Audi drivers will be on here.

I suggest you give them a call, I was chatting with them for a while and they are certainly very helpful. Ultimately, any remap will increasing the risk of things breaking but dont go mad and you should be fine. Like I said, remap has totally transformed my car. Happy to discuss further if required.