anyone looking to get there car re-mapped soonish?good deal!


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Jan 1, 2007
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there is a promtion day at jbs in derby in 2 weeks and they are doing a 2 for 1 on there phase 1 remaps just for the weekend.u may have seen this advertised.i did book me and my mate in to have it done as he has a mk4 golf.but he has let me down now and i really want it works out at £190+vat which is very cheap considering there maps ae normally 385+vat.if anyone wants to pair up with me to get this done on 20th october(saturday) then pm me!thanks

here is the software they use:
(they are one of the main custom code dealers)
:sorry: Ow god!, I would have had this done but ive got me s3 booked in for a cambelt next week:keule: Cant afford both..only live 10 miles from Derby as well:crying:
gutted mate!lol try and get the cash!its such a good offer pal this is why i dont want to pass it up!
I have just bought a new pc if i had known about this before i would have probably left the computer in favour of a remap.

sods law i guess :(
Whats the post code.. need to see how far away u are..


jbs are at S41 9EY and i live literally just off junction 16 on the m1.(nn5) northampton.
too far for me pal.. 185 miles, and about a 3 hour trip..

thanks n e ways...
Hiya, I want mine remapping and live only 15 minutes away from JBS.

I was down there last week and told the chap in the shop that I wanted my S3 doing, but didn't know anyone else with one, he said he'd pair me up with someone. I didn't book it 'cos I was led to believe that you don't have to have it done on that day, you can have it done up to four weeks after, but if you've got a slot and need someone to help you fill it...
knobby where are you?

im down south, well essex, and willing to travel to the closest one to me if all custom code dealers are doing the offer.....
Hey Jarvis,

If that space is gone is there anyone else who wants to pair up with me to get it done??

well looks like iv found someone to pair up with but if two more of you want to do this then i think there is still places.get in touch with jbs.or custom code.
So, who's taking the plunge down at JBS in Chezzy tomorrow? What sort of time is anyone turning up? I'm popping down tomorrow, to book mine in for doing some time in the next four weeks. Jarvis is paired up, but the chap at JBS says he will find someone for anyone that isn't, although it might be better if we could arrange it between ourselves before the event.

I thought it might be nice if we turned up around the same time...
well guys just in from work so only 4hrs sleep then off to jbs 155miles GREAT.....LOL ill post pics of the day and video,s if my camara working

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