Anyone local to Epsom with VCDS or OBDeleven that can tell my S4 about it's new battery?


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Hi all,

Having put my new battery in the MMI is still saying it has 10% and giving me the 03041 Engine Management Active error. I've cleared that but of course comes back.

About to do a round trip of 60 miles and on other threads people have hinted a good drive will help the car learn, but just in case that doesn't work i'm putting this thread up. I did call my local Audi specialist but they want a full hours labour +VAT, that's the same as I paid for the battery! (Not knocking them as they have a right to earn a living).

I did previously use the VCDS map on here and contacted people locally about some help, but didn't get any real success, maybe old info and they no longer have it.

Anyone able to help? Ideally no more than 30 mins away would be great and happy to pay some beer tokens for any assistance :)




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Not needed as new battery seems to have done the trick.

Did 30 miles to a meeting this morning with a decent run on the M25 and battery level up to 100%, never seen that before in the 18 months i've had the car, plus the 03041 Engine Management Active warning has gone and not gone back after the car was parked up for 5 hours, normally back in 5 mins. Will check it again in the morning to see if it's gone for good, if so it doesn't need coding and glad I didn't take up my local garages offer of £80+VAT to code.