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Anyone know what this is

linford-quattro Nov 24, 2018

  1. linford-quattro

    linford-quattro Active Member Team V6 Audi A5

    Getting in and out of a tight spot today she seems to have devolped an awful sound towards full lock. Sound is bes described as a tyre rubbing against the arch (sure someone in the younger days has experienced this when fitting wheels to big)

    Managed to find the exact same noise on youtube if anyone fancies a listen and reckon they know....

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  3. Jps3290

    Jps3290 Active Member

    Springs not turning smoothly and will be sticking and freeing up so the noise is it hanging free. It will be the mount on the top, bearing will have collapsed. Parts cheap but unless your capable of removing strut, spring etc yourself probably gonna charge you at least an hrs Labour if not more. Usually takes me around 30 to 45 mins per side as long as no seized on bolts etc ;)

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