Anyone Know This Car?


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Hi all - I'm looking for a nice low mileage 2007 RS4 Avant. I have been keeping an eye on Piston Heads noticed this vehicle has been on there a while

Just wondering if anyone has been to view this car or knows anything about it?

Can't understand why such a lovely looking example hasn't been snapped up? I wouldn't be posting this normally, but as its so far away I need to do a bit of digging around before I commit to the travel.

I hope this is ok to post in this section? :icon_thumright:


Dude, what's mine say ?
I've seen that on there for quite some time too but it all looks spot on. Maybe just not as many people are opting to buy the higher priced RS4's when some are around £26-28. With more miles yes but still a big saving!