anyone know anything about radio waves?


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Jul 21, 2007
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stoke on trent
trying to convert to radio remote central locking
studied wiring diagrams and found factory fitted remote cars have an aerial fitted, i know the connections on the pump are the two gold pins and that the fobs are 433mhz
what sort of aerial would i need? could i just connect to the cars radio aerial?
ive got fob working but only about 1m away from pump so i need to extend range a bit, any ideas?
dont suppose you know anything about transponders
cars a 97 with immo 1, tried a new crypto 48 transponder in the key but it wont program
been told it possibly needs a megamos 13, but cant find a definate answer
If you have the little yellow 'car' with integrated 'key symbol in you rpm gauge, you have immo2.

The Megamos 'fixed code' ID13 capsule is the correct 'official' chip for the pre-98 A4 B5, and you can match a new or used capsule, as the immo only uses the basic RF ID code.
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cheers, its got car/key symbol but its got a seperate immo 'box' behind dash
according to vag com with immo 1 the key (chip at least) needs to be brand new or previously coded to car to work
anyway hopefully the '13' should work then, already got a few on order from hickleys

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