Anyone interested in a meet ear Cambridge/Newmarket/bury?


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Was looking to organise a meet sometime for people who want to come to this sort of area, I cant find anything nearer than 140 miles away, any suggestions welcome ,maybe if we can get something going people could bring there Vagcom and knowledge etc maybe we could get something going with the ttshop. Let me know what you think?




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I'm up for this.. I see alot of Audi's around this area so hope some are on here.. I'm near cambridge but go over to norfolk alot..


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it's nearly that time again. the next suffolk meet will be 30/08/12 @
the Douglas bader
the square
martlesham heath
ip5 3sl

Thursday week 7pm onwards


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Defo up for a meet would prefer an Audi meet rather than a VW one but if everyone on here thats local goes then no probs count me in.. :)


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there are all sorts there Dubs ,Audi`s ,Seats new and old very friendly bunch as they have so many meets most know each other well . 1800 members now. a few people off here come to the meets