Anyone help with VagCom near Warwick


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Hi all

On my 2002 S3 I currently have the ESP and ABS lights permanently on. I've read some previous threads, but nothing conclusive without Vagcom investigation.

Is there anyone in the Warwick/West Mids area with Vagcom who would be able and willing to help diagnose?

I'm reluctant to take it to Audi due to the cost and the fact that it's looking like I may have to part with it soon to fund an increased mortgage!

Any help greatly appreciated (and a fair price paid).


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I know this is probably a bit early but what specs if your looking to sell it in the near future send me a message (around end of summer?) :)

I know i'm being a bit cheeky, sorry.


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I have an early version of VAG-COM. I live in south Derbyshire but frequently go to Birmingham as have family there.

Let me know if I can help.