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Anyone help with Mr Muscle trick?

AJ2706 Sep 11, 2019 at 11:11 PM

  1. AJ2706

    AJ2706 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Hope everyone is well.

    So basically pretty sure vanes sticking in a3 2.0tdi 170bhp 57 plate.

    Getting limp mode and intermittent loss of power.

    Remap, dpf egr delete and cooler delete all done, egt b1 s1 also, but to no avail. Dpf sensor changed too.

    Basically at the end of my tether. Could have a straight drive with full power and then loss of power or have to cycle ignition a few times and sometime even that doesnt work. Also, limited to 3k revs with eml on and sometimes with glowplug flashing.

    Really racking my brains with this after codes scanned, attended to, deleted and boost pressure code still showing. Pretty much replaced a lot because nothings clear.

    Ill mostly get limp mode from 4th-5th gear and glow plugs on load.

    Could this be flaps in inlet manifold sticking or even veins as it has same symtpoms as people talk about.

    2 bottles of forte cleaner, got full power on. 100 mile trip today pushing 4th and 5th for a good amount of time to get things heated up and sAw a fair amount of black smoke!

    Really want to attempt mr muscle turbo clean.

    Anyone in London/kent or surrounding places that has done it/knows how that can help me for a couple of drinks?

    Hope someone can help me!

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. AJ2706

    AJ2706 New Member

    Also, does anyone know if forte takes a fair while to work (if it does). Could even be a vaccum leak. Mechanic reported NOT being able to detect any
  4. bradh

    bradh Active Member VCDS Map User

    Bmn engine code ?? Can’t really clean these turbos as it not easy to get access to them but mine did this and I replaced turbo due to the veins sticking fixed my issue

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