Anyone had this seal fail? Water in drivers footwell


07 170 DSG
This seal failed on my old leon 1m. Just wondering if they used the same rubbish seal still, on the A38P?

Could be the rear washer feed, as that also runs by the bonnet release lever

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Not unless its been fitted, removed & refitted, badly, never known to leak & this is a cable path, had out on numerous cars with no issues.


07 170 DSG
The car was stripped today. Driver side was underwater. The rear wash nozzle is/was blocked, I removed it, and the water arcs out fine.
Could the pressure of it being blocked, cause the leak in the car?
The under scuttle is clean, water flows fine from the scuttle area to the floor
Does the water feed go down the driver's side to the rear wiper?
If so I'm guessing it's all wrapped up in the black cloth tape.


07 170 DSG
Ok in the red circle is a plastic ribbed covering, this is in the drivers footwell too.

To cold to go messing now, will wait till tomorrow


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