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Anyone had diesel bug in their tank?

Sturat Apr 17, 2017

  1. Sturat

    Sturat Registered User

    I bought myself an A4 cab. about 2 years ago as a non runner. I got it running and it sounds as sweet as a nut. It's not been on the road since I bought it as it needs a new turbo.
    I started it again yesterday after leaving it for 10 months and I it just stopped running when it was idling on the drive and there's about 1/2 tank of old fuel in it.
    It started again but only when it was left for a few hours, now it won't start. No fault codes except dpf blocked which has never caused a problem for idle before?
    It does have a new fuel filter that I put on last year.
    I intend to get a couple of transparent inline fuel filters and install them in the fuel line before the stock fuel filter (which I'm also going to replace) to see if it picks up any ****.
    Has anyone has problems with fuel bug on their car, I only ask as I have a boat which had the same symptoms and it was a blocked fuel filter (blocked due to algae / diesel bug).
    If you've had a problem with contamination of old fuel / diesel bug and know of a solution can you please let me know what you did to eradicate it.
    Obviously I may be barking up the wrong tree completely!
    Any feedback will be greatfully received.
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  3. Garagee

    Garagee Registered User

    Hi Stuart,
    I work in the fuel oil business and can confirm diesel has a shelf life of approx 3 years, however it can be reduced if the storage circumstances are subject to condensation.
    Fuel algae grows at a fast rate once fuel is stored for a long period.

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  4. Sturat

    Sturat Registered User

    Thanks for your reply.
    If it does turn out to be diesel bug, do you know what would be my best plan of action?
  5. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

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  6. Sturat

    Sturat Registered User

    Thanks I'll give a try.
    Just ordered two new stock fuel filters, some inline filters fittings and fuel pipe so I can see what's coming through the system.
    I'll treat the fuel I have in the tank now.
    The dead algae blocked my fuel filter in my boat after treatment, if it looks really bad then I'll drain the tank and treat the new fuel with the fuel set too
    Thanks again for your help

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