Anyone got a decat pipe fitted with full system straight through?


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Sep 21, 2004
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Hi all. I'm contemplating removing the centre silencers on my 2.0T. Has anyone done this? Don't want it too loud tho. Thanks
Hey Chris,

I fitted a decat and milltek cat back.

Got the Decat from: R.A.I. Motorsport B7A4 2.0T Test Pipe
It's the only 4" to 3" pipe on the market as far as I know.
Initially it was very loud but over a period of time the system has coked up and the noise is much more refined.
Has it got the centre boxes? Or is it straight through to rear silencer?
If u do a decat with straight thru exhaust it will be loud!
I've not done it on my A4 but done it before on a previous car and it was ridiculous and it lasted a week before I took it off.
I'm just after more sound, I'm stuck. It's either that it maybe new car back system. Change the jetex to something else