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Anyone gone from A4 272 to S4 or vice versa?

Chromag Jul 4, 2020

  1. Chromag

    Chromag Registered User

    Thinking about these two cars in Avant form. Previously had a B8 S4 and loved it. There's not much 0-60 between the B8 S4 and the B9 272, I do around 12k miles a year and it does far better MPG but I do love the B9 S4.

    Main concerns are around handling and braking systems. How much of a difference is there? Won't be getting one with Audi sport diff. Thanks in advance.
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  3. hellodave

    hellodave Registered User

    While my answer to your question is "no", I own an S4 and test drove an A6 with the 3.0 272ps engine before I bought it. I can't compare braking or handling but the power delivery was totally different; the A6 felt like a brisker version of the 2.0 diesel I had at the time, with no drama or excitement as you accelerated. By contrast the S4 was more of an occasion - it sounded much better and felt like it pulled more, even though it has less torque on paper.

    The 272 engine is very smooth and refined and costs less to run, but if you want something to put a smile on your face get an S4.
  4. RonS3

    RonS3 DERV convert

    Again not an exact comparison but I went from a 272 to a RS4, both B9 avants.

    Whilst I expected the RS to be better the difference is night and day, I would never take the 272 out for a blast for the sake of it, as the steering / suspension is mushy and vague in comparison and you really notice the weight of the oil burner engine. Whilst there are better handling cars than the RS4 it’s as much as you need for the road, I suspect the S4 will be closer to the RS than the standard cars (mine was an s-line). That said, the 272 engine is a torque monster I was underwhelmed when I first drove the RS which didn’t feel any faster (until you thrash it), as a daily driver the 272 is very good, effortlessly smooth, fast and surprisingly good on fuel (I averaged 42 mpg).
    There’s no real difference interior wise, the s4 isn’t really much different to the SLine externally either, so to answer your question I would say it comes down to how much importance you place on handling. If you’re looking at new, the S4 also has the 3.0 Diesel engine, with even more torque! After a number of diesels I really wanted a petrol engine again, which one of the factors which pushed me to the RS rather than the new S4.
  5. Chromag

    Chromag Registered User

    "Mushy and Vague" answers my question really. We've got a BMW 120d Xdrive which has been mapped and dropped as the daily driver. The Audi is to replace a Mk7 Golf R. Whilst the BMW drives really well and feels pretty fast with the remap, it's the R that gives me That Friday Feeling and I need to replicate that with the new car. I work offshore so when I'm home I do a fair bit of travelling about either to go mountain biking or see family so need something I can enjoy driving.
  6. Ginge247

    Ginge247 Registered User

    I traded my 460hp B8 S4 in last year for a B9 A4 avant 272. The 272 is a great car and the torque really makes it feel fast, but trust me if you want something to give you the fizz so to speak never get a diesel. The fact that you only have about 3k revs to play with, anything else is pointless, means its not really an engine you want to take out for a blast. The car is quick though and holds its own in some decent company but after a year of ownership I really really really miss my S4!

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