Anyone fitted a SMIC...WITH FOG LIGHTS?


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Feb 27, 2010
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Hi guys,

A while ago I fitted an aftermarket side mounted intercooler to my A3 (8L), but couldn't refit the stock plastic duct because there didn't appear to be enough room behind the front bumper. After reading on the forum about the effectiveness of the duct, I'd like to attempt to fit it, but I've had another look at my bumper and it really looks like it's being pushed out already (without any duct!). I suspect that the reason for this is because of my fog lights.

Surely someone else must have come across the issue and refused to sacrifice their fog lights for better air flow to their SMIC...?

Can I have the best of both worlds?...What should I do?
What smic have you got,

I had a turbo revs smic fitted, all I did to get the ducting to fit (with fog)was to trim about 1 1/2 inch off the cooler end.
Will take a pic tomorrow of the ducting if you want
Hi mate.

Yeah, I've got a Turbo revs one too. It honestly looks REALLY tight. Did you have to bend the flanges on the intercooler when you installed it?

I'll take a picture of how much it's pushing the fog light panel out of the bumper later today...
...and here it is:

Cheers mate.

I read through your write up and I pretty much did exactly the same. No idea why mine is sticking out so much. I really don't see how I'd get a duct in there when it's already pushed right up against the bumper without one. I think I'm going to have to take the bumper off again :(