Anyone fit LED indicator bulbs (581) to their 2009 A6


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Jul 25, 2014
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Thinking of up-grading my indicator bulbs on my A6, has anyone installed canbus error free 581's and if so did you get an error?

Hi Peter,

I installed LED reversing bulbs and LED indicator bulbs to my 2006 A6 3.0 TDI S-Line Quattro saloon. Don't have any issues with the rear bulbs (no can-bus errors) but I do get a can-bus error on the fronts. If I switch on the hazards or indicators for about 4 seconds the error goes away and doesn't appear again unless I remove the key from the ignition for more than 5 minutes. I plan to fit a 25W load resistor across these when I upgrade the front headlights to HID type. Another issue (depending on your perspective) is that ever 20 seconds or so you get a single flicker from each lamp in sequence when the car performs a can-bus scan. Looking on the forum one member has recommended that installing a small capacitor (about 20v, 63uF) across each bulb will stop this, just waiting for a reply to confirm and will give it a try. It takes less than 5 minutes to remove the rear light units so will test the theory on these first.

P.S. I bought the LED bulbs on ebay and they are suppose to be suitable for can-bus cars.
Thanks Brian, I am having a bit of a problem with mine...when I installed the left hand side indicator it worked fine without any canbus error. I then fitted the right hand side and that when things got weird...the right hand side did not give a canbus error either but only worked for 4 flashes then stopped. Would not work again until I took the bulb out and put it back in and again the same problem...four flashes then nothing..doing my noggin in!

Hi Pete,

where did you get your bulbs from? These are the ones I purchased on ebay; (I bought the 21 LED version)

HIDSdirect...they had no problem taking them back...going to try them in the back and see if they work there