Anyone driven on the teeside racing circuit?


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Just wondering what its like. MIght have a day out driving supercars there, but have no idea what its like as a circuit.

Any help would be appreciated as the experience aint cheap and i dont want to waste my cash.



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Ive done go karting there, and iirc the track is great for go karts, but id imagine it to be a bit of a small/quick lap in a supercar, even with the extended track in use. I had a supercar experience but travelled to Bruntingthorpe as the track was longer therefore getting more experience for my money!


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i've raced karts at teeside, it would be far too narrow to push a road car to its limits. Having said that, as its a type of trackday you probably won't need the room off line as your not allow to race. Still, i'd recommend an experience at a proper race track.