Anyone done a speaker upgrade (Amplifier Location??)


Hi guys

I have managed to locate the speaker sizes and places for my non bose 10 speaker sound system.
Has anyone upgraded their and what speakers did you use?
Where is the amplifier location?
will upgrading the 4 x doors to 2 ways or equivalent better quality speakers make a improvement?

Some advice I have had
Leave everything as it is, as the amp is not powerful enough to drive anything more than what's fitted and just upgrade the tweeters.

I have sourced a amplifier that's a direct replacement for what's installed, it claims you remove old amp and plug this one straight in

specs below

Output power RMS / max.
- @ 4 Ohms 4 x 35 / 70 Watts (Font/Rear channels)
- @ 2 Ohms 4 x 50 / 100 Watts (Font/Rear channels)
- @ 1 Ohm -
- bridged @ 4 Ohms -
- bridged @ 2 Ohms -
- Subwoofer output @ 4 Ohms -
- Subwoofer output @ 2 Ohms 1 x 160 / 320 Watts (4 channels each 40 / 80 Watts)
Amplifier technology Class AB
Inputs 4 x Highlevel speaker input
1x MEC
1 x Remote In
Input sensitivity Highlevel 5 - 11 Volts
Input impedance RCA / Cinch -
Input impedance highlevel 13 Ohms
Outputs 8 x Speaker output
2 x RCA / Cinch
1 x Remote Out
Output voltage RCA / Cinch 3 Volts RMS
Frequency response 20 Hz - 22,000 Hz
DSP resolution 56 Bit
DSP power 172 MHz
Sampling rate 48 kHz
DSP type Audio signal processor
Signal converters A/D: BurrBrown
D/A: BurrBrown

Any input gentlemen?

Signal-to-noise ratio digital input -
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 103 dB (A-weighted)
Distortion (THD) < 0.01 %
Damping factor > 100
Operating voltage 10.5 Volts (max. 5 sec.down to 6 Volts)
Current draw 670 mA
Max. remote output current 500 mA
Fuse 1 x 20 A Maxi-fuse (APX)
Additional features Variable input sensitivity, fully stabilized internal power supply with Start-Stop capability, 56 Bit digital signal processing, internal memory for 2 different sound setups, USB input, ADEP.2 circuit, Auto Remote switch, MEC slot, input for optional remote control, stereo line outputs with balanced output transformers (floating ground)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 44 x 185 x 139 mm /
1.73 x 7.28 x 5.47“


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Hi mate, I have zero helpful info on this other than it is something I have considered doing also - I have the Bose but would like a little more sound and bass but don't have a clue where to start with it plus I want to keep it OEM+ really.


Hi mate, I have zero helpful info on this other than it is something I have considered doing also - I have the Bose but would like a little more sound and bass but don't have a clue where to start with it plus I want to keep it OEM+ really.
That's the plan myself, keeping it all plug and play and no messing cutting wires or chopping things. straight drop ins.

I will keep this thread updated as to which route I take and what parts I buy and some pics to show outcome. Might take a little while but end result will be clean.



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I have Bose in the S7, and found the bass lacking.

Initially was going to try and upgrade the speaker contained in the bass enclosure, to a better quality speaker, however found that the shape of the enclosure pretty much excluded any other speaker - even after trying to heat and reshape the box to fit a quality 8” sub.

In the end I decided to use an external all in one JL bass box, that included a powered amp and had speaker level inputs. This allowed me to disconnect the Bose box, extend the speaker connections to the JL, and hook up direct to the battery via an inline fuse. The JL auto senses the speaker input, and powers on and off with the MMI.

The connections are all quick connect type, so the box is easily removable if I need the whole load floor for something.

This is the JL Bass box here. Makes a huge difference to the overall performance of the Bose install :thumbs up:

Got mine from FleaBay :hi:


I was given the following options all plug and play for my 9VD system.. which is a Audi 10 speaker setup

1st is the most common

the next is a new option from match with the UP7DSP

or for a cheaper option we have the musway

they also have options for bose and b&o i beleive.

Check them out they got some good stuff, prices are a tad on the high side so i guess some haggling is to be had.



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I have an Audison 10” external plug and play bass box with its own amplifier, sat on the boot floor - this works well and is broadly similar to the JBL box.

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So i decided to add some tweeters by wiring them directly to the dash side tweeters? the installed ones seem quite big to be tweeters and are not loud at all, anyways what a difference it made...the music has really come alive. Upgrading the rear door tweeters today as they are very quiet too. and then sound is even more improved by unplugging the centre dash speaker...might upgrade that to a nice 2 way 4 inch and that should complete it.

Then all that's left is the front 8" doors and 6.5" rear doors but they seem to be holding up quite nicely.



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Im not mad mental on big sounds but i have the bose setup which gets slated a bit ! But i find bluetooth streaming from youtube or a high bit rate audio comes through well.
I removed my "sub box" to get a dropped plug when doing my rear light retrofit then screwed "sub" back on to wheel tub but it was a tight fit for whatever reason but i say it provided better bass without distorting the sound and i was happy with that.

there are folk who fill the box etc etc but im not really interested in that yet.

Well my front driver door speaker started rattling a few months later - gonna go out and remove door card to inspect the situation hope its a quick fix like this or
look for a better replacement that will hopefully fit