Help Please Anybody used either of the Audi Child Seat Underlays?


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So the time has come in life where I now need to install a child seat in my S4... I would like to protect the nice alcantara seats from said little mans feet/boots/shoes/food/etc.

Audi do 2 different car seat underlays to protect the seats:

4L0019819 - Protects the seat base and has 2 little storage pockets

4L0019819A - Protects the seat base and back, but has no storage

Has anybody used either and can recommend one over the other?

I am concerned how the seat back protector will actually stay up on 4L0019819A, or if it will just be a flappy waste of time and I will have wished I bought the one with storage pockets.

Of course as it’s an S car it had to be a recaro child seat! Just need the RS4 wingbacks to match now....

RS3 S.

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I have the Leather & Alcantara seats in mine & when i have my 2 year old granddaughter in with us i use one but not from Audi. Try Halfords mate, think is was £12.00 & it has back rest protection as well as the seat base & attaches to the seat with straps that secure to the headrest, also washable. Will be just as good but half the price.


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I use Diono ones in our A6 and used the same ones in 3 different cars seats are unmarked underneath not an indentation in site. They are only around the £20 mark

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I bought a couple of these for my S3 and now in my S4. They do the job well and have some storage too, the only downside I'd say is that the gaps for ISOfix aren't 100% right so you sometimes need to move it a little to get the seat in. Happy to recommend them though.


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Not sure the link worked, just search Amazon for LCP Kids Baby Car Seat Protector Vehicle backrest Cover pad mat


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I’ve been using the Maxi Cosi seat protector since having a child seat fitted and not had any problems with it. What’s good about it is that it does have a strap to attach to the head rest to keep the back cover in place. It’s on Amazon now for £16.