Anybody use this stuff?


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I went to Elsecar VAG car show last weekend at Doncaster race course. Other than the nostalgia of there being every car ive ever owned being there (Even a Vauxhall Nova with Speedline Alessio alloys) I kept getting drawn back into an MK5 R32 with a supercharger. As far as show cars go, it was simply stunning. The paint work was like glass. Anyway after a bit of a chat with the owner he have me a little tub of the wax he uses, he was obviously sponsored by them and raved about how good the wax was and is apparently made from fruit. Got to be honest, he had a point. Ive just washed mine with Meguirs shampoo and then put a coat of Meguiars carnuba wax on. That usually is perfect enough. I decided to stick a coat of new wax on. The owner said stick in liberally, I put to much on now in hindsight because you cant see it smear on like normal wax. It took a fair bit of time to polish it, but it looks absolutely unreal. Almost glass like. Ive had a look on the website and they do a £25 tester bundle, which I think im going to have a bash with. Id recommend it to anyone to give it a whirl.


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