Anybody Seen this?

hollows wife

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they do it in my town literally 2 mins away from where i live , ****** expensive though, £90 for a 19" wheel dipped and clear coated .


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You can buy DIY kits to do it yourself at home (or in your garage)


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^^^ depends on the company
iv been quoted £450 to have my interior trims coated and £150 for 4 wind deflectors...

You can buy the transfers and all you need is the activator.
the rest is easy, but let it dry and then clear coat it.


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Its only expensive because people will and do pay silly money for it because real carbon also aint cheap. Supply & demand etc.

Considering a light weight dry carbon 2x2 weave (300g sqm for example) is about £30+vat (per sqm) and a similar prepreg (LTM26 for example) is about £90+vat per sqm, having things hydro dipped isn't as expensive as it "could" be lol

Altho IMO its complete an utter tat but meh

£450 to have your trims dipped? Jesus you could have them wrapped in real carbon for the same money, or get a used set off ebay for a tad more. When I get round to it ill be doing all my S Line trims in carbon when I have a spare weekend lol
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