Anybody in the West Yorkshire Area using TPS


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Just wondered if anyone who doesn't have an account has been able to just walk in and buy parts? I went into the bradford one last week and was confronted with the sales manager who immediately asked for my account details of which i don't have and swiftly pointed me to the VW dealership next door.

Got a list of parts I'm looking to get for the car, whilst wanting genuine parts but not wanting to get bent over by dealerships.

Or even would some be as kind to make on order for me on their account and i shall repay them in beer tokens or something similar

phil miller

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I wont promise anything, but on monday i could call the Plymouth branch and see if they can take an order that then gets collected from the bradford branch and paid for at bradford, not sure if they do that but can ask dude if you want ?


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You have pm :)